Since we can’t change the past, let’s change the future.

We are Expio.

Using the latest technologies and advancements in materials and manufacturing, we develop world-leading designs the marry high performance and style with responsible, sustainable practices.

Expio creates conscious performance menswear, utilising revolutionary development to make light, warm, waterproof styles without compromise.

We aim to rebalance the clothing industry's damage to the world by making the world's best-performance clothing with a conscious understanding and reducing our social and environmental impact.

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At Expio, we are a pioneering consumer brand driven by the spirit of discovery and engagement with our surroundings. We embrace technology fearlessly and are unafraid to defy convention, constantly pushing boundaries, inviting challenges, and forging ahead.

The word 'can't' simply does not exist in our vocabulary.

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The sewing machine was invented almost 200 years ago, and technology has made great strides since then. However, the clothing industry has mostly stuck to traditional methods and materials. But we shouldn't feel limited by our history. We don't have to appear as though we've just scaled a mountain to experience the advantages of advanced technology. Nor do we have to restrict ourselves to wearing only linen to be environmentally conscious.

Expio offers an alternative approach that merges revolutionary technology with a refined style.

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“The combination of performance, style, and environmental impact holds greater significance than any individual factor. Sacrificing any one of these compromises the durability of the style.”

- Ben Mears, Expio Founder

Ben Mears
Expio Founder

Ben is a seasoned expert in the apparel industry with over two decades of rich experience. Born in England and nurtured in the verdant lands of rural Gloucestershire, his journey into the world of fashion has been extensive and rewarding. His passion for design led him to Kingston University, where he graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. His career path has taken him across the globe from Paris to Milan, Amsterdam, and London, gaining invaluable on-the-ground experience in the fashion capitals of the world.

“We’re proud of our ability to produce styles that possess timeless elegance and lead the way in groundbreaking functionality, all while being mindful of environmental impact, but this is just the start.”

This global exposure has not only honed his design skills but also broadened his perspective on different cultures and fashion movements. Ben’s specific focus is on sustainable design and performance development, a niche that is both close to his heart and crucial in the current global scenario.

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